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The University Divisions:

The difference in each school

NCAA Division 1

Universities in Division 1 are known for their high level of athletic competitiveness and have the largest infrastructures.

Academically, campuses typically host around 15,000 students, with classes having a higher student-to-faculty ratio.

The admission criteria to enter these universities are among the most rigorous.

NCAA Division 3

Universities in Division 3 cannot offer athletic scholarships to athletes. However, many universities are ranked among the best in the world due to their high academic standards. We recommend this division for any athlete who prioritizes academic goals over athletic aspirations.

Note: Academic scholarships are available for exceptional students.

NCAA Division 2

The top universities in Division 2 offer competitiveness comparable to many Division 1 institutions.

Although their facilities may not be as grandiose as those in Division 1, they are still excellent, especially from a European perspective. Admission criteria are generally more flexible compared to Division 1.

We recommend this division for the majority of European players.


Universities in this division offer very flexible admission conditions, especially regarding English proficiency.

Many high-level athletes start their careers in this division before transferring to a NCAA division.

As a result, the level of sports is excellent in the top universities of this division.

Junior College

The institutions in this division offer very flexible admission conditions.

The program lasts for 2 years and leads to an Associate's degree, allowing athletes to transfer to a NAIA or NCAA university afterwards.

This division is ideal for athletes who really want to go to the United States, even if their English, academic, or athletic level does not meet the initial selection criteria.

The Coaches:

The athletic coaches in the USA plays a very important role in the athlete's experience as you will be in constant contact with them. Coaches from the top universities are mostly internationally recognized coaches. However, the level of skills and knowledge of coaches from other universities may vary.

That's why Tennis Central ensures that the player has contact with the coach before departure to ensure a good understanding.

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