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The Difference - Central College Placement

Exceptional Quality


Located in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, Central College Placement benefits from unparalleled proximity to university coaches and convenient access for campus visits, facilitating personalized connections and streamlined opportunities for our athletes.

High School/College Transition

With 25 years of experience managing sports programs at renowned US high schools, including Holton-Arms, Landon, and Georgetown Visitation, we're a go-to resource for coaches seeking talented athletes for university recruitment.


Our team, comprised of former graduate assistant coaches and athletes from diverse backgrounds, leverages firsthand experience to navigate the US recruitment process, prioritizing athletes' needs for tailored placements at Central College Placement. 

Regenerative Network

Our experience as former student-athletes has forged strong connections with coaches and athletes from diverse universities, expanding each summer with over 60 recruited coaches. This enables direct correspondence, maximizing our athletes' visibility and opportunities, ensuring consideration amidst coaches' busy schedules. Staying updated on changes ensures efficient placement opportunities.

Athlete Description

In a competitive scholarship landscape, CCP thoroughly evaluates athletes on performance, academics, physicality, and mentality to highlight standout qualities during negotiations. With coaches flooded with profiles daily, we spotlight achievements through videos and descriptions, also emphasizing character traits like teamwork and resilience, crucial for seamless team integration.

Communication & Responsiveness

At CCP, clear communication and swift follow-up are key. We support athletes and their families at every stage, ensuring alignment and addressing inquiries promptly. With a focus on responsiveness, we prioritize quick responses to athlete and coach questions, guaranteeing a seamless process throughout.

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