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What is an athletic scholarship?


Athletic Scholarship


Scholarship Factors

An Athletic Scholarship in the USA is a financial aid offered to an athlete in exchange for their commitment to the university's team. Central College Placement can negotiate up to 100% scholarship, which includes:

  • Tuition fees (registration, books, ...)

  • Food

  • Accommodation

  • Training

  • Equipment

  • Competitions (Travel, Hotels, ...)

Athletes may secure additional scholarships upon team integration through outstanding academics or enhanced contributions. Initial scholarship percentages vary based on several factors:

  • The athlete's level

  • Grades obtained in the Baccalaureate

  • Scores obtained on English tests (SAT, TOEFL, ACT)

  • University resources


Duration of Scholarship

The athletic scholarship can be renewed for up to a maximum of 4 years, depending on the athlete's level of study. Renewal is contingent upon maintaining excellent athletic and academic performance, with annual applications required.

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